"The key to a fulfilling life is all About You"

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BSc (Hons) OH, RGN, NLP (Prac), Dip. in Executive Coaching, Dip.Reflex, Dip.SBM, Dip.THFM, Dip.IHM

Belinda's passion has always been helping others, whether that's physically or mentally. Motivated by that passion from an early age, Belinda's career started out as a Registered Nurse back in 1985.  She then moved into a specialist area of medicine and trained to become a Specialist Nurse Practitioner in Occupational Health (a branch of medicine which focuses on the physical and mental well-being of employees in the workplace). 

Over 20 years, Belinda gained invaluable knowledge and experience within advisory and managerial occupational health roles across various sectors, such as the Fire and Rescue Service, NHS, and Higher Education, where she provided a health and well-being service to staff and students across these large organisations. 

Belinda learned at the beginning of her career that there was no 'one size fits all' approach to health and well-being, which is why she qualified in several cognitive and holistic therapies. By combining these different tools and techniques, she is able to employ the most beneficial combination for each individual. 

Over her career, Belinda has advised thousands of people, all trying to cope with the pressures that life can throw at us. With this wealth of knowledge, training and experience, Belinda made the decision to  start her own business and founded 'About You' in 2019. This has allowed her to focus all her efforts on creating a safe, open and collaborative space for healing. 

If you're looking for a place to relax through holistic therapy, or need some guidance to explore your mind and overcome barriers, however big or small, Belinda is dedicated to helping you find your solution. 

So whether you are just going through a 'rough patch', struggling to manage your stress/anxiety, menopausal, need a little help with your compulsions, or just need a little 'me time', you have come to the right place! 

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I get the greatest satisfaction from seeing someone walk out with a smile on their face and a new zest for life.

- Belinda Allen, About You Founder